Welcome to the Pepe Jeans London members’ club: an ode to a quintessential British institution that inspires the autumn/winter 2018 season. Rich hues are seen across both genders with indigo denim and deep reds marking a truly decadent collection.

In wardrobe terms this translates into downtime cool for billowy-sleeved blouses and a smart plaid winter overcoat among the womenswear; a plaid shirt and khaki coat with neat jeans for menswear. It’s smart-casual with a little more emphasis on the smart.

This collection is studded with treasures and at the heart of Pepe Jeans London that means denim. So, alongside statement puffa coat styles for both men and women, and an overall outdoorsy feel, there comes raw and selvedge denim specials in hoodies, skirts, jackets and jeans.

The collection continues in a more relaxed way with slogan and logo jumpers, hoodies, sneakers and boots. This range takes its style cues from music, film and sport, an enlivened mash-up of easy styles that speak of independent style. It’s about having fun.

The collection builds to a crescendo with a slightly dressed-up style, perhaps an evening-orientated for florals and tartan on tops and trousers for women, and stripes and printed tees for men.



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