Now in its second season, the Liu Jo Better Denim collection is once again the hero of the Blue Denim world, boosted by the addition of more styles, even more fabrics, feels and yarns, different yet complementary. The selected fabric-manufacturing processes, all by Candiani, always involve using organic cotton finished with Chitosan – a 100% biodegradable natural polymer derived from the exoskeleton of crustaceans – and Candiani’s exclusive dyeing technology, known as Indigo Juice®, which prevents the indigo dye from going too deep into the fabric without affecting its colourfastness. Next to canvas, denim is still the embodiment of multilevel sustainability, from the product’s many details – from aluminium buttons to back labels made from apple peel – to the tags, a true ‘green’ statement made of multiple parts, all in high-quality recycled Freelife Cento paper by Fedrigoni.
The Spring/Summer Better Denim range, which includes 21 pieces, is available in new blue and grey washes and, in addition to its most iconic, basic pieces, has come up with a pair of shorts, new embroidered styles and pieces embellished with special eco-sustainable details, such as studs and viscose or canvas belts, and special matching accessories. The actual jeans – at the heart of the range – are 18, grouped into seven sets, one per fabric; the fits range from Skinny to Slim and include Straight, Boot-cut and Boy, and the styles are those that best embody Liu Jo’s denim universe: Ideal, Divine, Magnetic, Glam, Fabulous, Cute, Monroe, Precious, Straight and Gum – the latter is a newcomer.
In addition, the collection is finished off by a flouncy shirt and an all-denim jacket, so an entire outfit can be styled with a nod to eco-sustainability. 


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