Now more than ever, we are aware that we only have the present.  Our el Now SS21 collection is full of life, colour, joy, femininity, and focuses on the essential: being 100% Desigual. Accept the challenge. Enjoy el Now.
The Woman SS21 collection
We feel really good in our own skin. We see the changes coming, we embrace them and we try to build a better world. In SS21, our commitment is to live in the Now as it’s the only thing we truly have. We are preparing by feeling very relaxed, comfortable, casual and loving/feeling/accepting who we are: joyful individuals with a present state of mind in everything we do.

From ready-to-wear to ready-to-live
We work to create innovative and accessible products that inspire happiness.  We work to offer a carefully studied selection of raw materials, with an ever-growing commitment to natural and recycled fibres and improving our manufacturing techniques to achieve unique and more durable garments.
Extreme, XXL, giant, energetic, positive, colossal, full, massive and great flowers for everyone. When our surroundings are grey we respond with colour and by breaking
the rules. We remind you that you’re the bouquet with flowery shirts, one of the best bets for spring which is the perfect moment to remind yourself that the good weather is on its way. And, of course, we can’t forget about the dresses that make Desigual atypical. Flowy and casual. Comfortable and chic. Natural movement that shows off some skin. If Desigual was a flower, it would always be growing.
We continue creating new ideas with denim. Unique garments, created with a mixture of two different fabrics. From the patch to the hybrid; in 1984, the iconic Mickey jacket brought us our first taste of success. Now, the hybrid blazer is revolutionising this casual garment with more colours. Also… Mickey’s silhouette has accompanied us since 1984 and in SS21 we dedicated a collection to him. The parka with a mixture of fabrics, vintage-style prints, new accessories and sneakers. We create much more casual parkas in a cotton print, with technical nylon twill and a photographic print, or in an oversize hybrid pattern with plush and Mickey Mouse.
Our exotic capsule, full of sequins and embroidered details, has evolved into comfortable fabrics that adapt to new lifestyles. Urban and trendy garments in many colours and always with different details. 
Designed between Barcelona and Arles, this collection is full of Provenηal colours with very special shapes and great patterns. The inspiration for this collection came from the Mediterranean and the Orient, blended in illustrations and very feminine patterns. The prints are full of nature, birds and flowers with a romantic flair. 
Love the world
We strive to offer a carefully selected range of raw materials, and are increasingly committed to using natural and recycled fibres. We are improving our manufacturing techniques to make unique and longer lasting garments. Almost 30% of the collection is made from sustainable materials. We are constantly improving everything we do and we make responsible decisions focused on sustainability and caring for people, fabrics, the environment and our manufacturing and distribution processes.


Brooklyn Beckham X Pepe Jeans: Wiser Wash® sustainable denim technology bridges their partnership
MARCH 23, 2021

Wiser Wash® sustainable denim technology bridges the partnership between the British duo. 

Dua Lipa X Pepe Jeans FW19
SEPTEMBER 05, 2019

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