Since 1984, we have been lucky enough to be living life in full colour. Uninhibited. Limitless. Colour is personality, it’s attitude, it’s life in its purest form and it’s our greatest hallmark. That’s why, for this SS19 season, we’ve remixed our key brands, introducing their casual versions. Because we like to think that our clothes create emotions, and this creative freedom is what makes us extraordinary.
- Inspiration -
The emotions and sensations represented by colours are the starting point for our woman collection this SS 2019 season. It's a collection that has a marked branded feel and in which colour -red, blue, yellow and green- takes centre stage. Red is passion and life and we associate it with Mexico. Mexico gives us spices and golden sunsets. We've taken its most passionate elements and given our clothing an Aztec feel.
Blue, representing calm and intelligence, takes us to the north of Africa, between Morocco and Marrakesh, where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic. The dyes, the markets and the people have led us to more relaxed garments in which blue is a prominent feature.
Yellow is knowledge and learning. It takes us to India, where we have found inspiration in its flavours and its scents. This inspiration is reflected in the yellow and earth tones and in all the lurex featured in the collection. Green is the tropics. It's the jungle; it's the sea. The tropics take us to the point at which summer begins, when the temperatures rise and our clothes become lighter.
In this collection, blends are once again a feature of our brand. We find inspirationeverywhere: in markets, in sunsets, in food... Through the clothes that make up the SS19 collection, we want to captivate you with the colours, senses, places and flavours that have inspired us. The SS19 collection has two main focuses: creating new designs and updating our DNA. So we have combined both of these strands and created complete  looks for all tastes.
We've immersed ourselves in comfort and wearability with clothes that can be freely combined to cover every moment of the day. We've gone for looser-fitting clothes and all-terrain footwear: trainers.
We've added value with new embroidery and incorporated lurex as a striking element running through the entire collection. We are going back to our roots and bringing back our greatest successes. Robots, logomania and our iconic Mickey jacket are all back. We've updated our classic designs and created new ones based on market trends.


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