Antony Morato keeps going maximalist for the Spring Summer 2019 with a versatile collection inspired by four new fashion themes. A micro-theme inspired by the sea and the Sport collection complement the selection.
Refined yet unpretentious, Blue Genes is clearly inspired by the denim and nautical world, featuring a colour palette that mixes shades of blue, sand and melange grey: white and blue stripes on t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters; anchor and rope prints on shirts and outerwear. Deconstructed blazers and comfortable easy outfits make the silhouettes look informal yet simple. The extravagant prints, where Renaissance canvas and golden frames are mixed with contemporary graphics, add a touch of eccentricity to the selection,
Clubwear-inspired, Rock & Go is the liveliest theme of the collection featuring fresh and gutsy outfits. The vividness of coral red contrasts with total black rock-style details, while strong graphic prints – panthers, black and white tropical flowers, tartan - recall the hardcore and punk scene. A bold look emphasised by slogans such as ‘Need More Punk’ and prints featuring bulldogs, comic-style lips and punk pictures on t-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts, inspired by London flea markets.
Animal Kingdom gives the military and colonial world an urban twist. Vibrant colours such as sage green and golden yellow are combined with army green, wine red and vanilla. The references to the world of nature are evident both in the choice of organic and raw fabrics like the natural cotton and in the prints on t-shirts and sweatshirts featuring leaves, flowers, animals and pictures of dragonflies and chameleons. The theme also includes innovative styles like the hybrid jacket with bomber sleeves and the two-colour golden yellow and khaki jacket.
Ethnic-inspired, Folk Collage features dusty colours with shades of burgundy, dark blue, mustard and muddy brown. The all over stylized prints and the naive giraffe embroidery are reminiscent of the gipsy folk culture. Informal yet sophisticated, this selection features colourful patterns, flowers and stylised embroidery on bomber jackets.  
Plastic Reality is a micro-theme clearly inspired by the seaside, featuring four t-shirts, a shirt, two swim shorts and a beach towel. Pixels and toy bricks are the distinctive design elements of this colourful and ironic pop-inspired theme.
White, black and melange grey merge with vibrant shades of red, emerald green and royal blue in the Sport collection. A vintage flavour inspired by the 70’s and 80’s sportswear, featuring colour block sweatshirts with contrast bands, knit ribbons and college-inspired sport logo graphics. The theme has also a urban soul: camouflage coexists with primary colours in a variety of outfits for both sport and leisure. White, black and melange colours are mixed with army green nylon inserts, while black and white logoed bands are combined with tech and embroidered print details.


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