Liu Jo

Liu Jo’s versatile, sophisticated glamour is the symbol of Italian style in 50 countries, with over 350 single-brand stores and 5.000 corners in Europe, Asia and Africa. A winning signature style and vision, as embodied by 145 single-brand boutiques and corner shops and over 3.000 corner stores and independent specialty stores in Italy, as well as over 220 single-brand stores and corner shops and about 2.000 independent corner stores in Europe, Middle East and Asia.



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COVID-19 Information.

Dear partners, customers and friends we welcome you.

Our office premises and retail network are open again and fully operational.

The health and safety of our partners, our customers, our people and the society as a whole is always a top priority for us, thus we would like to inform you that we have implemented all the necessary measures to ensure your safety and well-being. These measures are adapted according to the recommendations of the WHO and the Greek authorities.

We thank you for your interest and will keep you informed for any new developments.