Deus EX Machina

Deus makes motorcycles. Stripped down and rebuilt. Customized for your life and revved up for everything else. Deus makes four gears and loose throttles. And that’s just the beginning. Deus makes surfboards, coffee and music. Deus makes things happen. That’s what Deus makes. For everything else, there is the Temple of Enthusiasm. For caffeine and gasoline. For burnt rubber and trimming fins. For fiberglass and blues. For tacos and tattoos. The Temple is where you end up from never going home. The Temple is the destination where the road doesn’t end. Right now there are 6 Deus Ex Machina Temples (Flagship Stores) in Sydney, Milano, Bali, Venice Beach, Tokyo and Biarritz, while in the coming months, new Temples will open in Istanbul and Ibiza. In each temple, we combine an F&B and apparel offer.  There are also Deus Ex Machina mono-brand stores are located in Spain (Madrid), Oberoi (Bali) and Australia (Byron Bay, Penrith and Werringah mall.



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COVID-19 Information.

Due to the country-wide lockdown in Greece starting from Saturday7th November, Shop & Trade has activated work-from-home protocols and follows the National Health Organization’s guidelines regarding the safety measures in its office premises and retail stores. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, we have been considering the health of our customers, suppliers and employees as a top priority. 

We are always here to service and support you and hopefully, with individual responsibility and joint effort, we will soon come back to normality. After all, we are all in this together.

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