​A favorite haunt for the hipster set, whose ethos is to showcase their environment that is personable and casual like your favorite neighborhood store, one that invites you to enjoy a pour over coffee or curate your own music while you shop. Mixing vintage and modern design cues a sense of discovery prevails with regularly revolving art, objects and limited edition products. Mirroring the attitude of the collections, a well worn charm creates the warm backdrop of distressed leather, washed canvas, raw material, reclaimed wood and living fauna, bringing you into an urban oasis that happens to sell amazing shoes and accessories. Today ASH designs, manufactures and markets all product lines through an extensive network of over 600 point-of-sale and 200 brand stores.



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COVID-19 Information.

Due to the country-wide lockdown in Greece starting from Saturday7th November, Shop & Trade has activated work-from-home protocols and follows the National Health Organization’s guidelines regarding the safety measures in its office premises and retail stores. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, we have been considering the health of our customers, suppliers and employees as a top priority. 

We are always here to service and support you and hopefully, with individual responsibility and joint effort, we will soon come back to normality. After all, we are all in this together.

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