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Guess Guess


Guess was established in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, who left the south of France in pursuit of the American dream. Inspired by a European influence, the Marcianos redefined denim. Guess quickly became a symbol of a young, sexy and adventurous lifestyle. Today Guess is a truly global lifestyle brand with a full range of denim, apparel and accessories offered in over 80 countries around the world.


Italian sportswear brand founded in 1959. The brand is friendly and flirtatious, and doesn’t take things too seriously! Ellesse is always at the heart of the party, loving colour, loving vibrancy and living for the moment with iconic products such as the polo-shirt, the tennis dress, ski pants and down jacket. 

Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans London was born on the iconic streets of Portobello Road in 1973. Today, 45 years later, the brand remains devoted to its initial pledge to create the most exciting denim-led fashion on the planet. The diversity and unique eclecticism that London offers with its extraordinary melting pot of cultures are a continuous source of inspiration for Pepe Jeans. The brands creative output has been naturally elevated and heightened by this, giving collections of denim, womenswear, menswear and junior that are continuing to push the boundaries of the brand.

Superdry Superdry

Superdry is an exciting contemporary brand which focuses on high-quality products that fuse vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics with a British style. They are characterised by quality fabrics, authentic vintage washes, unique detailing, world leading hand-drawn graphics and tailored fits with diverse styling. Such distinctiveness has gained the brand exclusive appeal as well as an international celebrity following.


Lumberjack was born in 1979, during an enterprising artisan’s trip to North America. According to the story he was fascinated by the wild nature, the boundless green spaces, the great crystalline lakes and wonderful maple forests. Upon returning to Italy, he decided to transfer that spirit and that aesthetic into a brand inspired by the footwear of the Canadian Rangers, guardians of such beauties. Since then, the maple leaf has been the brand’s symbol.


Since 1979 Docksteps has been making shoes with a soft and comfortable fit, as well as excellent elasticity, durability, and stability. Designed with warm and earthly tones, as well as top-quality materials, Docksteps’ models are ideal for people who love nature and the outdoors.

Benetton Footwear Benetton Footwear
Benetton Footwear

Benetton Footwear

Imagine to be ‘walking on the rainbow’. Light and colorful steps, shoes for everybody and every day, sustainable for the environment and contemporary in style. The new Benetton Footwear Collection displays this historical brand DNA, carrying within the shoes the same philosophy always featured within the Benetton style, open, available, colorful, democratic, with many details that will not go unnoticed. It is not only design though. The Benetton footwear Collection is standing out even for some technical features.


Cubanas is a Portuguese brand that creates footwear, bags and accessories. Initially the focus was only on the manufacture of shoe collections, but Cubanas quickly grew in becoming a brand with its own signature design and production. The footwear aims to focus on feminine, elegant lines and bold colors.


Cult shoes express a metropolitan and nonconformist style. The Cult sneakers and lace up boots are perfect for young audiences with a rebellious and creative look. This Italian brand was founded in 1987 and belongs to the group Zeis Excelsa S.p.A. For over twenty years this brand launched the cult shoe market, suitable for everyone. The Cult sneakers have an authentic and innovative style, perfect for coping with everyday life. Cult shoes brand has become an icon in the fashion scene, thanks to the constant attention to current trends that pours in any collection of footwear.

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